openPBS on laptop and sys/sysctl.h header not found

Dear OpenPBS Team,

I have two questions related to learning and using OpenPBS. For some time, I have been considering learning the scheduling system not through an HPC cluster but rather using a desktop or laptop, so that I can test computations on my laptop and later apply this knowledge to an HPC environment. I came across OpenPBS. My first question is: for the purpose of learning, would it be a good choice to install OpenPBS on a laptop or desktop?

My second question concerns an error I encountered while trying to install OpenPBS on my laptop. I could not move beyond step 6, repeatedly receiving the error that sys/sysctl.h is not found. From my research, I discovered that this issue is related to the glibc version, as newer versions of glibc do not include this header file. Should I downgrade glibc to resolve this issue, or is there an alternative solution? Your guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Following is the last few lines of the response of step 6:
//checking for sys/statvfs.h… yes
checking for sys/sysctl.h… no
configure: error: Required header file is missing.//

On searching further I found that sysctl.h file is located in another folder:

and glibc version is: ldd (Ubuntu GLIBC 2.39-0ubuntu8.2) 2.39

Thank you.