PBS 20.0.1 Within 32-bit Docker container

I have successfully built and configured openpbs 20.0.1 server, execution and client all within Ubuntu 18 environments. However, we also utilize 32-bit Ubuntu 12.04 and 32-bit Ubuntu 14.04.6 Docker containers that we would like to call openpbs from within the container. Is there a way to get openpbs built in 32-bit mode? I have tried building it and Python is throwing errors complaining about expat when I run the configure script.

The output and error is below:

checking for python3 platform… linux
checking for python3 script directory… {prefix}/lib/python3.6/site-packages checking for python3 extension module directory... {exec_prefix}/lib/python3.6/site-packages
checking for expat… configure: error: expat shared object library not found.

Is expat installed? You can specify a path to expat with --with-expat=DIR as an argument to configure.

That was one of many problems that I had. I was building it within a docker 14.04 x86 container and I had to modify some of the ./configure script in order for it to build since the libraries were in a different location than the script was looking.

I’m in the same situation. Did you have any success building pbs in your docker containers? I’ve gotten a little farther than what you described. One of my co-workers once managed to get openpbs to build in the docker container but we can’t get it to build again.