PBS multi clusters

Other schedulers such like LSF, Slurm have support the feature that “multi clusters” which means user can submit a normal SLURM command followed by a list of clusters.

See https://slurm.schedmd.com/multi_cluster.html.

Have searched PBS but didn’t find related topics.

So will PBS support this kind of concept? Or is there any similar concept in PBS?

Thanks a lot!

The below might help:

  1. man page of PBS’s qsub command, which would allow you to submit jobs to @servername , queuename@servername

  2. PBS supports peer scheduling between multiple PBS clusters
    4.9.31 Peer Scheduling from the the https://www.pbsworks.com/pdfs/PBS18.2.3_BigBook.pdf

  3. PBS supports job submission to multiple Windows PBS Complexes and Linux PBS Complexes via its Portal products.

  4. Multi-sched partitions
    Admin Guide 4.2 "Scheduling Each Partition Separately". (thanks @agurban)

  5. Also , you can check routing queues and qlists from the https://www.pbsworks.com/pdfs/PBS18.2.3_BigBook.pdf

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