Basic pbs defintions


I have several questions regarding queues definition and managing, any help is much appreciated.

  1. Is it possible to define several queues that use the same resources? This is desired for managing several top-level projects that run on the same resources but in different queues.
  2. Is it possible to submit a job to a server from a remote workstation in the same network without ssh-ing to the server?
  3. I have two servers (separate, shared memory servers, that are connected through high-speed communication) and PBS installed on each one of them, is it possible to use a single PBS installation and use it to submit and monitor jobs on both servers and maybe other servers in the network?



Answers to your questions are as below

  1. Yes and Yes ( qlists , customisation via queuejob hook and there are other many ways)
  2. Yes, if the pbs client commands are deployed on the system with the same version
  3. yes, please check the man page of qstat & qsub and PBS Administrator guide for routing queues, peer scheduling