PBS Pro PAS license error

Hello experts,

My PBS pro was working fine until recently. It started showing error “Failed to register server” and “: PAS License is not available” if you open GUI.
When I run pbsnodes -a

Connection refused
pbsnodes: cannot connect to server bnghpc01, error=111

Could anyone throw some light?


Please contact local support team in your region.
Check : Technical Support : https://www.altair.com/pdfs/pbsworks/PBSAdminGuide2021.1.pdf

This is for OpenPBS only.

Please check

  1. whether pbs server service is up and running # ps -ef | grep pbs_
  2. whether there are no firewalls stopping communication with the pbs server
  3. check whether pbs server hostname is resolvable / DNS is working fine
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Hi Adarsh. Thanks for your help. Now that issue is resolved but I’m unable to register the server. It says unauthorised user even though I have logged in with admin access.