Pbspro and puppet


Since we have more than one pbs server, we are about to use puppet to manage the whole pbs world(s). Manage the sched_config is easy, but by managing I mean to be able to add or remove nodes/queues via qmgr and change server/sched via qmgr. We have an idea to create some python wrapper for qmgr to make it easy.

Do you use puppet to manage the whole pbs server? Would it be possible to provide your experiences/ideas/solutions?


Wow. Is It useful for cluster management?

I think yes, one of our pbs servers is almost fully managed by puppet. The node or entire cluster can be added/removed by the Puppet. It works but the annoyance is to manage qmgr. My colleagues work on this.

I am curious whether anybody else uses Puppet and PBS in this way and what are the experiences?

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By admin guide, it suggests to use pdsh to do this task.