PBSPro build failure on CentOS7 with branch release_18_1_branch


As explained in PBS public Docker image improvement, Iā€™m using a PBSPro docker image to perform some CI testing on github. The PBSPro image is rebuilt on every commit, mainly because you do not yet propose a clearly versionned and stable image on the dockerhub (If you could answer this point in the aforementionned thread, this would be nice :wink:).

These builds started to failed 15 days ago, and I tracked down the problem to the use of a new version of libical and libical-devel ont CentOS 7 versions. This bug is fixed on master branch, but not on release_18, and even less on release_14.

So it would be nice to solve it on a stable version, so that I can use it for my builds. It would be even better to provide some stabilized docker images that I can use out of the box!


Greetings @guillaumeeb,

A pull request was opened for this a couple weeks ago. I had closed it due to lack of interest, but reopened it when I saw your note. It is located here: https://github.com/PBSPro/pbspro/pull/910

We shall endeavor to get it merged.



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Thanks @mkaro, I rebuilt PBS against the branch after the PR was merged, it works perfectly!

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