Porting momctl from torque


I want to ask if you are interested in port of momctl from torque. Documentation here. AFAIK there is no similar tool in PBS Pro.



Thanks for the proposal. We should poll the community to see whether it
would be useful in general.

Historically, in PBS, we have always implemented all the control commands
via qmgr. So there is no separate svrctl or momctl or schedctl. We are
moving more and more towards doing all the control stuff via qmgr. The
query information is via various tools - in case of nodes it is pbsnodes.
We don’t have the diagnostic information that the torque momctl provides -
but if that is very useful we could add a custom attribute that a mom hook
can update - this will show up on pbsnodes output also.

So my opinion would be to not create another new interface but extend
currently existing ones, if possible.

What do others feel?

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The most important feature of momctl is that it talks to MOM locally,
it does not need unnecessary roundtrip to server (enables perfect scalability
of monitoring and node housekeeping tasks that need local information from PBS) and works even
when server is inaccessible for any reason (we run geographically distributed system),
custom attribute is not good enough.
I would not mind having the functionality implemented using Batch protocol instead of RM
and running “qmgr --mom” instead of momctl too much though…

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