Is there a PBS Pro command similar to 'showq' from Maui?

Hi All,

We recently migrated from Torque/Maui to PBS Pro and we are liking it so far, but we really miss the showq command that shipped with Maui. It provided a nice status-at-a-glance type output and we used it about 10 times more often than the qstat command.

Is there anything that ships with PBS Pro that displays cluster data in this type of format or is qstat pretty much it?

Hello @ndusek,

We’re glad you’re enjoying your experience with PBS Pro so far. On to your question…

The PBS Pro scheduler is stateless, meaning that it builds a new picture of the cluster each time a scheduling cycle occurs. This has the advantage of never having to recover the state of the scheduler in the event of unforeseen issues, or having to determine what changed since the last cycle. However, it makes it more challenging to provide a tool like sview that draws on data that is internal to the scheduler.

I’ll leave it to the community to answer two questions…

  1. How much demand is there for a tool like sview in PBS Pro?
  2. How might we integrate such a feature with a stateless scheduler?