Post job file processing error

Hi all,

When i submit a job i am getting the below error

Post job file processing error; job 249.master1 on host node1

i have added PBS_RCP=/bin/false and restarted the service but still the jobs are stuck and getting exit with the above error.


HI all,

Can anyone help me.


I think , this is related to issues with your DNS (forward and reverse address resolution )

  • please check the /etc/hosts is same across the hosts of the PBS complex
  • please check pbs_hostn -v from PBS server and vice versa
  • nslookup
  • PBS_RCP=/bin/false

Hi Adarsh,

Thank you for the apply.

/etc/hosts file is same on all nodes and pbs_hostn -v is generating output on all nodes.

primary name: node42.test.serv (from gethostbyname())
aliases: node42
address length: 4 bytes
address: (1040296128 dec) name: node42.test.serv
primary name: master1.test.serv (from gethostbyname())
aliases: master1
address length: 4 bytes
address: (16885952 dec) name: master1.test.serv

in my /etc/pbs.conf

Can you look into it and let me know how can i resolve this issue.


Thank you ANS,

Did you restart the mom services after amending those lines to pbs.conf ?
Is this happening with every job and user ?

Thank you adarsh.

I have restarted the mom services after changing the conf file.

This is happening with the serial sample job test with hostname; date and when i run some other jobs it is working fine.


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Hey, I am experiencing similar error. Did you figure out what is causing this?