PP-489: MOM should log her hostname

Hi All,

I have posted an EDD (MOM should log her hostname) for the mom to log her hostname each time the log file gets opened, so that the user can know easily and for sure which host produced a log file he is looking at.


Looks good to me, thanks!

I suggest we also list all interfaces and hostnames associated with the node.

I like your suggestion @mkaro.
This is updated in the document.

There was a concern raised that gathering interface information could potentially cause delays due to network latency or other issues with the network, which would in turn delay daemon start up. The solution to this would have been a timeout for adding this information.
Just adding this note to say that this should not be an issue seeing as the systems calls made to get network information, both on Windows and Linux, simply return a structure with the present “snapshot” of the network and does not actually involve anything that could cause a delay and require a timeout for the whole operation.

Additionally, we’re now adding this information to all the daemon logs, instead of just of just the MoM.

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Would also like to note that this is the updated link to the EDD:

Looks fine to me. Approved.