PP-756: PBS database upgrade when postgresql is upgraded

Hi All,

I have written the External Interface Design for PP-756.

The new interface added is a server log which registers the event when the admin upgrades postgresql, but does not upgrade the PBS database.

Request the community to review the design and provide comments.


Hi – great to see that the upgrade issue is being addressed – thanks!

I suggest making the log message point to the release notes (which is, hopefully, a more stable and usual place to find info about last minute release issues like this) rather than a place on Open Confluence, e.g, something like:

Please follow the upgrade instructions in the release notes for the v18.1.2 release at:

Once the upgrade instruction text is finalized, it can be added to the release notes as part of the release.

Hi @billnitzberg - agreed, changed the design!

Design looks good, like the updated message.

Will this message be present on the console (when the server fails to start), or only in the server log? It might be preferable to provide the message in both places so the admin doesn’t have to comb through the server log to see what went wrong.

I can see in the PR that the message will go to console. Please disregard my question. Design looks fine, but you might want to clarify that the message appears on the console.

@mkaro, - I updated the design to clarify that the message will be displayed in both places.
@billnitzberg, @smgoosen and @mkaro - thank you for reviewing the design.

It just hit me that we cannot ignore the scenario when the admin upgrades postgresql and PBS both at the same time. So I have updated the design whereby, we will see a similar message from pbs_habitat as well.

Request you to review and provide comments.

Good catch, new design looks good!

Hi All,

I have created this page to list the steps for upgrading the PBS datastore outside of PBS when postgresql is upgraded.

Request the community to provide feedback. Once approved, this page will be made a part of the release notes for 18.2.1