PP-765: possibility to allow all moms in acl question

Last month @vchlum made a contribution to automatically allow any host that is added as a PBS node to be assumed to be a part of the server’s acl_hosts list (PP-765). This is a great convenience feature, and the topic has come up about whether it should be extended to also be settable on the queue and reservation/reservation queue level where acl_hosts also exists. I’d like to gather any feedback the community has on this proposition.

My initial thought is that that extending this new attribute beyond the server level is of limited value. The primary use case at https://pbspro.atlassian.net/wiki/display/PD/PP-765%3A+possibility+to+allow+all+moms+in+acl is about being “able to run pbsnodes, qstat or even pbs.server() in hooks from the hosts”, which acl_hosts on the queue and reservation/reservation queue level does not apply to (as far as I know acl_hosts is only about job submission host origin at those levels).

Thanks for any feedback any of you may have!

Doc question: who can read this attribute?

Anyone can, same as existing acl_host_enable, acl_hosts, etc.