If pbs could specifies the node to perform the jobs when submitting job?

Hi, all

Please any one tell me that if pbs support specifies the node to perform the jobs?
And if I submit jobs with user “lisa” and execution host must have the same user “lisa”, am I right?

Now, we want to do this:
suppose that there are different users, like userA and userB, and we have execution hosts like host1~host20, and a specific user can only use the specified nodes, like userA can only use host1~host10, while userB can only use host11~host20, something like this. How could we do this?

Please help~

One way to do this (and I’m sure there are others) would be to associate host1-host10 to queue foo and host11-host20 to queue bar. Then create ACLs on the queues such that userA can only submit to foo and userB can only submit to bar.

Section 4.8.40, “Routing Jobs”, on page AG-185 in the PBS Admin Guide
may help.

Got it, thank you very much, guys~I am very appreciate~