PP-854: PBS Pro for Windows needs an installer


I have posted Interface document for PP-854 regarding windows open source installer at Open Confluece page

Please have a look at build + install + uninstall steps.

Brem Anand J K

Thanks @bremanandjk! A few comments at this point:


Cosmetic, but on that page it’d be better to have 1,2,3 for the main steps rather than a,c,b, especially since a,b,c… is used as a sub list under step c).


Please add more specifics on exactly what “username” is supposed to be, and whether or not domain information needs to be provided as part of the username.

Can post_install optionally prompt for the password if none is provided at invocation?

Is it necessary to run the post_install script for a commands only (client) install?

Hi @bremanandjk , Thanks for the Windows installer .

Does silent installation of msi installer support providing a custom parameter input for PBS_EXEC path , like we do from rpm --prefix for linux ?

Does silent installation of msi installer support reading from environment variables like PBS_SERVER and PBS_HOME like we do from rpm installers ?
setting PBS_SERVER and rpm reading from envrioment was very helpful in installation on execution nodes.
This capability would be of a great help while doing silent installations .

If these are not provided , These would be good to have as new requirements .

Thanks for your suggestions.

  1. I have updated the page with serial numbers.
  2. Added the note with example for domain user.
  3. Regarding promoting for password,

    Right now, win_postinstall.py will throw error as invalid arguments and exits. As you said, Its a good to have feature. we will consider in next phase of implementation.

  4. Regarding client only installation,

    The current installer + win_postinstall.py script will support only server type installation(ie: installing and configuring all) . Other type installations are in progress.

Just a suggestion: These are great requirements and we can certainly add them to a phase 2 of the project. The overall goal of the first phase is to get the Windows installer working - additional options can always be added later, if seen as critical.

Hi @visheshh, Thanks for your suggestions,

We will consider this “Good to have” feature in next phase.

Hi @visheshh, As promised, we have added support for installing individual type(server,execution,comm,client)

Link : https://pbspro.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/PD/pages/322207745/PP-1268+Extend+new+windows+installer+to+automate+server+execution+client+comm+config+modes