PP-1268: Extend new windows installer to automate server/execution/client/comm config modes

I would like to share with the community about an ongoing project to make windows MSI installer supports the server/execution/client only installation.

Design Doc is available at PBS pro doc section

Hi Brem,
Thanks for sharing this. A few comments.

  1. The document has inconsistency between the choices for -t. In the overview section it says server/Execution/clients. But the value section shows Server/Execution/clients. It it case insensitive? Even though, please describe them in lower case for consistency.
  2. How about using “mom” instead of “execution”. (popular and short) and “client” instead of “clients”
  3. If we are just changing which service is getting registered, how about including comm as well. I know we don’t ship comm only package in Linux but we can easily emulate this behavior by enabling comm only in pbs.conf file.

@nithinj I don’t agree with ‘mom’… I think what @bremanandjk has used ‘execution’ is right word. Also we generate rpm with ‘pbspro-execution’ name not ‘pbspro-mom’
see https://github.com/PBSPro/pbspro/blob/master/pbspro.spec#L41 and https://github.com/PBSPro/pbspro/blob/master/pbspro.spec#L156

But I agree with ‘client’ instead ‘clients’

+1 for this.

Thanks, @nithinj & @hirenvadalia for your valuable comments. I have addressed those inputs in both the doc and implementation.

PR link: https://github.com/PBSPro/pbspro/pull/669

Hey Brem,

I think the new switch to the postinstall script looks good to me. Thanks.