Problems with installing OpenPBS on only one machine

Hey there,

I wanted to install OpenPBS on only one machine. I followed the Installation Guide from GitHub. But after I used the sudo /etc/init.d/pbs start command first, the sudo /etc/init.d/pbs status showed, that only the scheduler was running. I found the problem inside the /etc/hosts file and fixed it. But when I then restarted OpenPBS, everything was running except the scheduler.

I already spend a lot of time searching for the solution but I wasn’t able, so I hope anyone here could help me with that. Thanks in advance!

Best regards!

Please note:

  1. DNS / hostname / static-IP (reverse address resolution) should work (if there are multiple ethernet adapters )
  2. SELinux disabled
  3. Ports 15001 to 15009 and 17001 open for communication
  4. Check the scheduler logs /var/spool/pbs/sched_logs/YYYYMMDD for issues (share it on the forum)

Hope this helps