Project priority or user priority


I am very new to PBS. I know PBS can set job priority, just wonder if PBS has the abilities to set priorities for projects, or set priorities for group of users.


If you assign groups of users to queues, you can assign queue priorities.

If you want to set a strict priority between users or groups, you can use the fairshare tree without turning on fairshare (although turning on fairshare is more fair). You create a resource_group file. If you want to set priorities between unix groups, set fairshare_entity to egroup otherwise leave it as euser. The names in the resource_group file will be user/group names. Lastly set job_sort_key to fair_share_perc or use the fairshare_perc term in your job_sort_formula.

The admin guide provides a little more detail. Look at the 14.1 admin guide section 4.8.14.