PTL tests in API mode

Hi All,

I am trying to run PTL tests in API mode. I perform the following steps on a RHEL system.

  1. pbs_swigify -I /path/to/python/include -f
    • This generates pbs_ifl.pyc, and in </path/to/install/location>/lib/python/site-packages/ptl/lib
  2. Set operation mode to API within the PTL test setup by calling set_op_mode(API)

But, PTL test always defaults to CLI mode. Import of pbs_ifl module fails.( in-spite of pbs_ifl.pyc, and present at the “appropriate” place). The error “API submission is not available” appears in the test log.

What could I be missing here?



The is trying to find the PBS libraries and thus you need to do

export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/pbs/lib

right after running the pbs_swigify command.
After this, you can try importing ptl.lib.pbs_ifl in a python interpreter.

However, the op mode will be defaulting to CLI due to some bugs in the API mode as per this id -

Thanks @sujatapatnaik52. Does that means we cannot run PTL tests in API mode as of today ?

Yes. As of today, the API mode is not working fully due to some bugs and hence you cannot run any PTL tests in this mode.