Qdel all equivalent

Older version of torque has a “qdel all” command to delete all the jobs in the queue. Is there an equivalent command in Pbspro?

Please try:

qdel `qselect`

NOTE: Had to update post because the back-ticks were being interpreted in the response.

Scott is correct. Another possible syntax (depending on your shell):

qdel $(qselect)

HI there, I would like to delete all running jobs on the server but when i try qdel $(qselect), I get a message
qdel: Unauthorized Request

Please advice

are you able to qdel or qselect individual jobs ? does “qdel <job id>” work?

No please.
Individual users can delete their own jobs but I want to be able to do it as an administrator

Usually an Unauthorized Request means the server is denying the qdel request due to no permissions. Does qdel work on just one job? Or only when you try to delete all jobs?

You might make sure that PBS knows you are an admin. Root always is an admin, but otherwise people need to be a manager. Do a qstat -Bf | grep managers and see if you are in the list.