Qsub basics : How to pass parameters to script which is being run by qsub?

Hello experts,

I have a script lets say movetestfile.sh which I want to run using qsub.

The movetestfile.sh contains a command to copy the input file from input folder to output folder.
for example -
cp $1 /home/user1/Desktop/PBSProExample/output_folder

how do I submit this script to qsub?

I tried the below command but it gives error.
qsub movetestfile.sh /home/user1/Desktop/PBSProExample/input_folder/test.txt


pbspro requires that you use the – flag before your script. So you would need to run

qsub – /full/path/to/movetestfile.sh /home/user1/Desktop/PBSProExample/input_folder/test.txt