Recurring reservation in the future

We are having a training workshop over the course of 3 days and I want to set a recurring reservation. I executed the following command which ran successfully:

pbs_rsub -N SDL_Workshop -R 202210040800 -E 202210042000 -G SDL_Workshop -r "FREQ=DAILY;COUNT=3" -l select=450

What is not clear to me is if it is actually going to recur or if it is just one day. If I do a pbs_rstat -f I see the following (trimmed) output:

allcock@polaris-login-02:~/pbs/hooks> pbs_rstat -f S330213
Resv ID:
Reserve_Name = SDL_Workshop
Reserve_Owner =
reserve_state = RESV_CONFIRMED
reserve_substate = 2
reserve_start = Tue Oct 04 08:00:00 2022
reserve_end = Tue Oct 04 20:00:00 2022
reserve_duration = 43200
queue = S330213


reserve_rrule = FREQ=DAILY;COUNT=3
reserve_index = 1
reserve_count = 3

The reserve_end is on the first day and the duration is only 12 hours, but there are those three lines about the recurrence. It just isn’t 100% clear to me that I got what I wanted. If someone has ever done this and could confirm that I will get what I want which is three reservations of 12 hours each over three consecutive days that would be very helpful.

BTW, none of the examples in the documentation include a date. That might be a nice addition.



You did the right thing. The -R and -E specify the first start and end date. The recurrence rule describes how it repeats.

Everything above the snip is talking about the first occurrence. Most of the information in pbs_rstat will only show the current/upcoming occurrence. The server does know about the future occurrences, but it won’t show you them until they are the “current” occurrence.



Thanks for confirming that. I suspected (hoped) that was the case, but wanted to be sure. I will send a suggested update to the manual so it is clear there as well.



Hi Bill,

If you send me an example you like, I’ll include it in the docs.