Released a small web app to show cluster status

Hi all

I have released as open source a small web application to show the nodes, queues and jobs running on a cluster which uses PBS Pro. This is useful for administrators to quickly see the status of the nodes and how busy they are, to check how full each queue is and to see what jobs are running and queued. It’s also useful for users to see this information as well.

You can see our working example here:
Here is a screenshot:

The source code is here:

Hopefully some of you may find this useful. Suggestions and improvements are welcome.

Best Regards
Mike Lake
eResearch, University of Technology Sydney


Nicely done! :tada:

Thank you very much for supporting the PBS Pro community.


Much appreciate it ! Much helpful, certainly will invoke wide spread usage !
Thank you :+1:

Something like this would be good, color coding reflects job distribution.

Hello @adarsh, how are you doing?

Which software (pbs cluster status - image that you attached) are you using to monitor your PBS workload?


Hi @daniel, i am doing good, thank you. How are you? I have written a python script that outputs the above html page. This python script runs as a cronjob updating the page every minute or so.

I’am doing well tahnks.

It is available for download or can you share it?


I can share the script, please let me first check & sanitise it before sharing. Also, please share it back to the community if you extend it.

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