Reset jobID to zero

I have noticed that pbs_server is taking a lot of time to start, mostly because it is spending a lot of time on requeing old jobs (that have finished) to the job queue and deleting it. I am running pbs on windows. “net start pbs_server” always times out but pbs_server does start running after a while.
Can I delete all the old jobs from pbs’s datastore and start from jobID 0?

Please make sure job history is set to minimum period of time.

Yes you can, but not recommended to tinker with the database


You can backup the output of below commands, reset the database, pipe back the configuration
qmgr -c ‘p s’
qmgr -c ‘p n @default

qmgr < printserveroutput.txt
qmgr < printnodeatdefaultoutput.txt