Server backup & recovery

I’m wondering if there is possibility to connect PBS Pro with remote database server instead of using which comes with pbs installation. the reason I thought this because if server get crashed then it will be easy to spin up new server and connect to running remote database. also it will be better use in cloud where db available as service with all things like backup/failover/ha etc.

I’m not sure is this good or not because I have following question:

  • Does server store all details in DB ?
  • Do I need to take any other backups ?
  • Can I use external storage for PBS_HOME ?

The below configuration infromation is stored in the pbs datastore
pbsnodes -av
qmgr -c “p s”
qstat -answ1 / qstat -fx / qstat -xH
job scripts

To back the PBS datastore, the usual tasks are:

  • periodically take pbs_diag output
  • periodically take the pgdump of the pbs datastore
  • backup PBS_HOME regularly

With the above backed up data, PBS Pro can be brought back to life in case of emergency.
Customers have implemented cronscripts to regularly take pbs_diag and pgdump of the pbs datastore.

yes, external storage can be used for PBS_HOME

Thank you

Hi Adarsh,

Thank you.

I still have doubt that, can I use remote database ? if yes, is there any documentation and if I use remote database then is there need to take backup using pbs_diag or any other ?

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Rahul Patil


It might work , not sure anybody has tested remote database

There is no documentation, it will be a trial and error method and finding / fixing corner cases.

  • you can take pgdump of the existing database
  • host postgres remotely
  • symbolic link to $PBS_HOME folder ( i am not sure about this step )

Community members might glow some light here

Thank you