Slight WIndows interface change due to PP-668

This note is to inform the community of work being done to fix:

PP-668: execjob_launch fails to setup the environment properly if one of the environment variables has a \n or a comma or quotes

and that its implementation will introduce a slight change to the qstat -f output as well as hooks output on Windows:

Slight Interface change to Windows document

Please feel free to provide feedback on this topic

Looks fine to me @bayucan.

Looks fine to me too

looks good. A request could you update the synposis as following
"On windows when jobs are submitted with the -V option …"

Also just a thought if following note should be made more explicit
"Note that the escape character itself will also get escaped, appearing as \ under Linux/Unix and ^^ under Windows."

Could you also add an example of how those variables will continue to display on Linux?

Ok, I’ll update.

I can just put it in bold.


Thanks for making the changes Al. Looks good.