Special queue for two nodes

I am running pbs_version = 14.1.2 on one cluster. I was able to create an access control list for nodes using a later version, of PBS, but the same commands aren’t working for this version. I have a quest called web. I would like the user ‘webuser’ to submit jobs to this queue and go to compute-0-69 and compute-0-70. I don’t want anyone else to use these two nodes. This is what I have so far:

Create and define queue web

create queue web
set queue web queue_type = Execution
set queue web acl_user_enable = True
set queue web acl_users = webuser@*
set queue web enabled = True
set queue web started = True

Please follow these instructions and let us know for any queries

Please see the PBS Professional Administrator’s Guide, section 4.9.2, “Associating Vnodes with Queues”, on page AG-103.