Stageout of outfile and error file not working for specific user

I was having an issue related to stageout error and output file in job directory.

  1. This issue is occuring for specific user, if i use same job script with same input files with another user it works.
  2. I can see stageout_status = 0 in job details for user having issue.
  3. I also tried with umask but still its not working.

any lead will be great help.
thank you in advance.

Please increase the mom log level and try with the user that has an issue.
the mom logs should give you more informaiton.

In tracejob command output it is showing,
“Post job file processing error”

  1. The issue might be related to that user and his ownership / permissions to the stageout directory
  2. Please check the forum discussion on this error, if might be related to some bug/issue related to specific version of the software.

@adarsh Thank you for update.
Issue is resolved, It was permission issue with .ssh directory for that user.

Thank you for your support.

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