STDout and STDerr for array job

Hi Expert,

OS : Centos 7.7
Kernel: 3.10.0-1062
PBS Version: 19.1.3


  1. I’ve submitted an array job, but the stdout and stderr come after all of the jobs are finished. how to make the stdout and stderr come after sub-jobs are finished?
  2. If there is an error in one of the sub-jobs, there is not much information on qstat -tf jobid[index], is there any good way to debug one of the sub-jobs ?

Please look into :

Refer: and section
3.3.6 Writing Files Directly to Final Destination and section Configuring the $usecp MoM Parameter

Please try these commands:
tracejob jobid[index[ # tracejob 111[1]
$PBS_EXEC/unsupported/pbs_dtj jobid[index] # $PBS_EXEC/unsupported/pbs_dtj 111[1]

Hope this helps

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