Submit job as different user?

I’m working on a server to allow users to submit jobs to the cluster without using qsub directly (we authenticate the request, and if valid use qsub to submit the job to run). From the qsub docs, it looks like the -u option can be used to submit a job as a different user than the currently logged in user. I’m struggling a bit to get this to work though in practice - it’s not clear to me what configuration is needed.

I’ve gotten things working by adding serverhost serveruser to the ~/.rhosts file for all users, but I was hoping for a way that wouldn’t require modifying all user’s home directories. Is there a way to configure permissions for one user (serveruser) to proxy as all users (or all users in a group)?

An alternative is to use sudo to login as the user before calling qsub, but I’d prefer to avoid that if possible.

Your analysis and trials are spot on. There are no more alternatives to submit job as other user other than by writing a service / daemon / web service ( Job Submission as a service) , which takes job scripts and user names and submit the job on their behalf.

Wrapper scripts can be also useful to do the needful