Submiting job as root

How can I submit job as root user?
When I log on root account and submiting job I get error:
qsub: Bad UID for job execution

I have job that using pigz to pack backup files and some of them has only root permisions to read, so I need to run this job as root user, how to do this ?

You can set acl_roots on the server to allow this, but it is discouraged. A better approach might be to configure sudo in such a way that the user running the job (non-root) can call it to run their specific command with elevated privileges.

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Please try this
qmgr -c "set server acl_roots=root"

Please see section 8.10, “Root-owned Jobs”, in the PBS Admin Guide.

Thank You mkaro, your suggestion to configure sudo was very helpful.
Adding user root to acl_roots does not solwing problem, because user root can’t connect via ssh, so pbs can’t send files between submit host and node. I do not want to change this configuration.
But when I configure sudo to run specific commands without prompting for password, it is running good.

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