Suggestion to update PBS Pro JIRA fields


I just filed a bug, and feel the following JIRA fields’ settings could be improved:

  • Affects Version/s
  • Component/s

The Contributor’s portal has basic instructions (see, but the actual choices provided for these fields are not explained, and some were not obvious to me.

In the Affects Version/s field:

  • There is a heading “Unreleased Versions” that displays in bold – I believe 14.0.0 and 14.1.0 are released, so that heading is misleading.
  • “15.0.0” should be changed to “17.0.0” to reflect the change in version numbering as per the Roadmap (i.e., 17 for 2017)
  • I’m not sure what “13.0.800.OSS” is… can it simply be removed?

In the Component/s field:

  • There are a few components that appear unrelated to the PBS Pro Open Source project, and could probably be removed, i.e., “Build Environment” (or at least the pop-up description seems wrong) and “Perforce Management”.
  • Some seem like duplicates of others and I suggest merging them, e.g.,
    • Installation, Installers, Packaging
    • Scheduler, Scheduling
  • Mostly, it would be really helpful to have better descriptions of the components (both in pop-ups and on the Contributor’s Portal page), as I wasn’t sure which one to use for the bug I filed for a warning produced by a spurious extra whitespace in a that autotools processes during the building of PBS Pro from source.


Thanks for the valuable suggestions @billnitzberg. All of these are very valid and it fixing these really had fallen through the cracks…we will follow it up and fix them.


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And I’ll make sure the Confluence pages get updated.