SyntaxEffor: invalid decimal literal

Hello OpenPBS Community,

I am setting up a new HPC.

I submit job thanks to a python script. The Stagein/Stageout look like this:
#PBS -W stagein=“.@ip-0A582E84:/mnt/data/test/"
#PBS -W stageout="

The job fails immediately at Running status. I have the following error in the 10.ip-0A582E84.ER file.
It looks like there is a python script in PBS trying to change directory (cd). I am wondering if the syntax error comes from the minus sign in the hostname. The arrow (^) is pointing on the 0 right after the minus sign.

File “”, line 1
cd /home/safxxxxxx/pbs.10.ip-0A582E84.x8z;/var/spool/pbs/mom_priv/jobs/10.ip-0A582E84.SC
SyntaxError: invalid decimal literal

Any idea?


The mistake was at the begging of the python PBS script.
I wrote:

path to python

#PBS -S /etc/bin/python

Actually, "#PBS -S /python_path/python " command is for PBSPro on Windows.

On Linux, the path to python should be at the very first line of the python PBS script and with this syntax:

Excellent Bert that you found the solution. Last week I looked at your post and I thought a minus sign in the host name is perfectly legal. This will help others that get the same error message.