Using mapped drives on windows

I have a few files on shared drives that I’d like to use when I schedule jobs through PBS. But currently on the execution node, I have noticed that the jobs have no idea of the network drives that are already mounted on the systems when they kick off on the execution nodes. As a result, I am using the net use command to mount the necessary drives in every such job. As a result, the number of cifs sessions increase drastically everyday. The system already has these drives but pbs is not able to see them. Is there a way to make these drives visible to pbs?

Please use mklink to create symbolic links, this should work. for example
1. mklink /D stage \\pbsserver\stage
2. mklink /D software \\pbsserver\software

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Is it enough if I just run these commands once or should I keep these lines in any pbs config file?

Only once should be enough, it is persistent.