Where can i find the correct version of (openssl,libical,tcl,python) for windows compile

which version can use or where can I find the correct version for compile PBS Pro on win2012 x64
and other pkg

Please tell me where or which version,I want compile on win2012
Tried many times but failed all

We have no document for compile PBS Pro on windows.

Is windows version not valued???

When we open sourced PBS Professional we were unable to do all of the work necessary to get it to compile on Windows. Can compile it but we were using a commercial installer so now we need to transition to an open source installer. We are actively working the issues and plan to have a working version available in the next release (targeted for Q1 2017). I would expect that we have it working later this year in the master branch but no guarantee.

Hi, Jon, When is the latest version will be released.

Best Regards

For Windows we hit some snags with the installer since our previous installer software required a commercial license. We are actively reworking the window installation process so that we can contribute it to the open source community. Currently, we are working on the installer and integration with our CI tools. I anticipate that it will be made available in mainline in the next 2-3 months.

We are progressing very fast on providing CI support on windows and making the windows compilation and installation procedures documented and working. Kindly stay tuned for updates. We could have something working on the OSS repo as early as the mid of next month.

Hi there,

Any updates on this request? I would be really interested in getting some help compiling on Windows as well. Would you mind sharing the git repo/zip/locations of the dependencies you are using (refered as …/…/…/binaries/* in Visual Studio).

Kindly appreciate it.

@qlux and @lcnja Please have look at here for how to compile PBSPro on windows…

Please let me know if you face any issue while following steps mentioned in above guide.

Great, thanks for the link, I was not aware of it. I’ll test and let you know.

Hi @hirenvadalia,
I have finally taken the time to test the compilation under Windows and I am facing a couple of issues:

  1. this one is less important and seems to be linked to my computer but it cannot find python.h even if it is installed in c:\Python27, and include sub-dir is added to the %INCLUDE% env. I haven’t find a solution except copying all the .h into the include subfolder of win_configure inside pbspro dir.
  2. once python.h available, next error is:
    Cannot open include file: 'libpq-fe.h': No such file or directory
    This one seems related to postgre-sql. The step-by-step does not mention having to install it, it is necessary to install the whole dev package for Windows ?
  3. Same for libcrypto.lib and tcl.h
  4. Finally, I have got an error related to the missing library :
    is it something I should install or should it be built ?

Any help would be appreciated,

Thank you

My bad, the fist appveyor script is well downloading the required packages once curl is well added to the PATH.
Thank you

I encoutered a last error when building pbs:
libPbspython is refusing to build due to :
.\pbs_ifl_wrap.c(5769) : error C2065: 'PBS_DFLT_SCHED_NAME' : undeclared identifier

For an unknown reason it does not get the default name set in another file. Solution was to add

#define PBS_DFLT_SCHED_NAME "default"

at the beginning of:

Hi qlux,

Sorry for long delay in response as I was on vacation.

Are you using latest master code?

Because the problem which you are facing regarding PBS_DFLT_SCHED_NAME was because of one issue which got fixed as part this PR.
(Specifically this change)

Can you please try with latest master?


Hi Hiren,
I’ll try as soon as possible thank you.