Pbspro version confusion

Minor thing here.
I am confused about the version of the present open sourced pbspro.
The git sources state the version number as “14.0.1” (“grep PACKAGE_VERSION configure” shows “PACKAGE_VERSION=‘14.0.1’”), and this is also in the spec-file from the git repo:
%define pbs_version 14.0.1

However, in the zip-ball (CentOS_7.zip) everything is named “14.1.0” - both the actual rpm filenames, the pbs_version in the spec file and the source tarball.

I suspect that only one of the two can be right (unless the binaries were build from newer sources than what is on github, which seems unlikely)?

Could somebody clarify this issue?



Hi @buchmann,

The correct version of the released package is 14.1.0, which you can see in the git sources of the release branch for the same. https://github.com/PBSPro/pbspro/blob/release_14_1_branch/pbspro.spec
That file has this: %define pbs_version 14.1.0

The same file in the master branch is just left as-is and will be updated to the correct version in the proper release branch. That file currently has 14.0.1 in it, which is stale - but its not a released file (or part of a release branch), so kindly ignore the version string there.

Just to avoid confusion we should change the version string on master to something like “future”. Maybe I will suggest this to the community and see how hey react.

Hope this helps.


Roger that. Thanks.