Where is the pbs_hpc_container.py file

Hi all,
I’d like to execute jobs on container.
When I have read this document(Securely Using PBS with Docker),
I coundn’t have understood where pbs_hpc_container.py is and what the content of that file is at the opration of “Create and Configure PBS Docker Hook”

pbs_version = 19.1.2


Please note on the releases:
MajorVersion.. are commercial releases, e.g., 18.2.1 , 19.2.1 , 19.2.3
MajorVersion.. are PBS Pro OSS releases, e.g, 18.1.2 , 19.1.2

The document that you are referring to is a 18.2 release , hence it is not available in the PBS Pro OSS version.

Thank you

Thank you, @adarsh.

I see, PBS Pro OSS version(19.1.2) that I’m using can’t run the job in container.

I read the Administrator’s guide for 19.2.3, and I checked that PBS pro(19.1.2) don’t have the PBS_hpc_container of built-in hooks.

I have another additional question.
I could find commercial releases, but could’nt find oss releases(ex. Administrator’s Guide).
So, can you tell me where oss releases are?


There is one common documentation (that you have already referred) for both commercial and OSS.
For PBS Pro OSS we have to write our own hooks to launch the job inside the container, with commercial it would be provided as a commercial offering .

Thank you

OK. I see.

I understood. I must make a hook. But I’m new to pbspro, so let me know how to make a hook for using docker or reference page if you know. and don’t mind. please.


Please follow the hooks chapter from the below link:

You have got the framework from the above document: Securely Using PBS with Docker )

You need to know : Python, learn about these PBS hook events - execjob_end, execjob_launch,
exechost_periodic, queuejob

Examples are provided in the hooks guide.

Thank you


There is an older version of the paper you referenced called “PBS Pro with Docker Integration” by Arun Grover dated 31 Aug 2015. There is an example docker launch hook in that paper that I used as an example to get the OSS version of PBS Pro running with containers on our one-node NVIDIA DGX-1 cluster using Ubuntu. I hesitate to post the paper because it is no longer available in the Altair Resource Library. Maybe one of the moderators can tell us if it’s acceptable to post it here.


Thanks @adarsh.
I’ll try to make a hook based on the references you taught me.



Thank you for the useful information.
It’s a shame that I can’t see it

OK! I’ll wait someone to teach us it.