Anybody can help with email notification

Hi everybody , I tried to notify the submission and the termination of a job to an email address.

When I wrote an option in my script with one email address it works.
#PBS -m abe

But when I tried to notify a list of users the job ended with no notification to any email address.
#PBS -m abe
#PBS -M Mail_Users=[][,[],[]]

I referred to the doc it says that the user list format is ------> user[@host][,user[@host],…]

Can anyone help me with the correct format of several users` user list.

The brackets in the documentation means it’s optional.
Here’s what it should look like with multiple people:

#PBS -M,,
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dear vstumpf,

Thanks for the solution.

Actually I tried the format you provided, it turned out that only one user’s mailbox got the notification. Maybe the server problem? Or because it is a free version I am using.

Anyway I will try this again cause it seems to be the right way of noification toward multiple users.

THX again.

Best regards.

Please try to use the semicolon but not comma.

#PBS -M;;

Dear cherryppju,

Thanks for your reply!

I tried again just right now, and it works! I used comma instead of semicolon.
My PBSPro ver. is 19.1.2 and here is my script.

#PBS -M,,

THKS again!

Best regards,

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