Bind Multiple queues on Single node at HPC cluster

Hello All,
I want to bind multiple queues to a single node, right now I configured three queues and these queues to be bound on 29 compute nodes.
Please suggest to me anyone do this. I have gone through the internet for a manual to do this but I can’t.
PBS version 14.0.1

Please check this PBS submitting job to wrong node - #3 by adarsh

Also, search for “qlist” in the PBS Pro adminstrator guide

Hope this helps

See section 4.9.2, “Associating Vnodes with Queues”, on p. AG-105 of the PBS Professional Administrator’s Guide.

Thanks, Adarsh,
I have gone through the PBS manual for the topic qlist and executed the steps on our cluster and perfectly bound multiple queues on a node.

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Hello Agurban,
I did with the help of qlist from Associating Vnodes with Queues topic.