Build PBS Pro execution from source code

Hello Guys

I would like to know, if is there a way to build PBS Pro just for execution host from the source code? I have followed the INSTALL instruction but I’am in doubt about how to build it.

Or do I need to have all the pre-requisites and a full compiled source on all hosts?

I’am trying to setup a multi-execution host cluster with a head node controlling it.

Another question: The postgre is mandatory on execution hosts too?



  1. You can build the rpm’s from source on one system for all the modules ( server, client , execution) by following the instructions from this link

  2. Then deploy the execution component on all the hosts using this rpm pbspro-execution-<pbs_version>-0.x86_64.rpm

No , postgres is only required for the host running PBS Pro Server . PBS Pro execution host does not need postgres

Thank you

Hello Adarsh. Thanks for your fast reply.

The only way is bulding a RPM or DEB package? From make or something like that is not possible?


  1. Building RPM or DEB package would be the way to go.

  2. Otherwise, you have to compile from source to respective binaries on one system

    2a. copy the $PBS_HOME , $PBS_EXEC , /etc/pbs.conf , /etc/init.d/pbs to all the compute nodes to respective locations mentioned in /etc/pbs.conf

    2b. edit /etc/pbs.conf and set

2c. start the pbs services


Thanks too much!