How to compile/create only PBSPro client package (only pbs_mom)

Hello Guys,

I’m new in PBSPro and I’m trying to setup a front-end (head node) with multiple execution hosts (compute nodes). The whole system is running Debian 9 (stretch).

I have download the PBSPro from github and followed the INSTALL instruction to compile the source and everything is OK and working properly on front-end server.

But, I don’t know how to proceed with execution hosts installation. Do I need install all the prerequisites and compile everything again (as described in INSTALL file)? Or is there a way to compile or create a “client package” like the old TORQUE?

Thanks and best regards.


Welcome to the forum @daniel! The process for creating .deb packages is documented here:

I would encourage you to download the source code from one of the releases here:

Working with the mainline code is usually OK, but the released packages have undergone more testing.

Hello @mkaro

Thanks for your answer. I’ll check theses links!