Can we use old pbs-report in open source PBSpro

Hi, i have old pbs-report python script, can i use it in open source PBSPro ?

please suggest

Please try , it is a perl script, it should work ( after updating the PATH). If you update it , share it with the community.

Thanks Adarsh, will do once ready

Please do not share the pbs-report script here, modified or unmodified. The pbs-report command was deprecated in version 12.1 and moved to the unsupported directory and was not and will not be included in the open source PBS Pro code repository. In other words, though deprecated and unsupported, that is still a commercial script as it was never released with the AGPL license.

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Thank you @scc for this information.
@depaksoni Please make a note of this.

Hi depaksoni

The old pbs-report (which is as mentioned a Perl script) from PBS 11.3 does work with PBS 18.2 (paid version) as I’m still using that in my setup. Looking at the Perl script shows it not too complicated and would likely work with the open source version. Just try it out. If you look at the code you will find it does not change your PBS setup, it just reads log files.

If it’s really needed, then what I would suggest is to look at the old perl-report and its module (which is in $PBS_EXEC/lib/pm/) and rewrite it in Python and release it under an open source license here or at github. It would be a nice contribution.