[closed] New option PBS_CONN_SINGLE for multi-server


I’m adding another config option for multi-server, please refer to the section for PBS_CONN_SINGLE in the doc:

Please provide comments/suggestions.


I do not see a use case for PBS_CONN_SINGLE which I can think of now. All PBS clients need to connect to all servers set in PBS_SERVER_INSTANCES.

Thanks @nithinj, I’d like a confirmation about this from @subhasisb, do we need to add a way for clients to say that they want to connect to a single server, or is it ok to proceed with always connecting to all servers by default for all clients?

I feel we should expose switches only when we know that they are ABSOLUTELY essential - every other place it should be “automatic” and magically do the “right” thing.

So, i think we do not need the PBS_CONN_SINGLE switch. In cases where an admin might want to talk to one server, they would just custom set PBS_SERVER_INSTANCS=one-server

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Sounds good, i agree that we shouldn’t add it if there isn’t a strong need for it.

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