Compatibility matrix


Is there a compatibility matrix between various PSB releases? In particular, in the process of migration from CentOS 7 to AlmaLinux9 I’m testing v23.06.06 on a node against server v20.0.1 - and it doesn’t work (“state-unknown,down node down: communication closed”). Is it the expected outcome?


@fnevgeny it is recommended to use the same exact versions with the PBS Complex/cluster… It is not recommended to mix and match PBS Version within or across the PBS complexes.

Thanks, it’s clear a mix is worse than a homogeneous installation. However, is it indeed expected that v20 at the server side and v23 client wouldn’t communicate - that is, the wire protocol or another API change has made the two incompatible? I’m just trying to upgrade the cluster with a minimal downtime.

Yes, that’s expected. With major version changes the interdaemon protocol most often changes. Even the IFL interface from clients to the server can change.

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