Creation of Debug Queue

Need guidance to create debug queue.
Is there any different configuration to be followed during queue creation?

not sure PBS has a debug type queue, can you please explain what you’d like to do with this queue?

As Ravi said, a bit more definition of what you mean by a debug queue would be helpful, but I can tell you what we do. From the PBS perspective, it is just a queue. What makes it debug are the policies we set. Generally, with a debug queue, you want rapid turnaround. You want to be able to make a change, put a job in and get a result reasonably quickly (what is considered reasonable is a matter of great debate). To achieve that, we set the node size limit small, maybe 2 or 4, we set the walltime limit low, one to a few hours, and we limit the queue depth, typically to one running and one queued. Hope that helps.