Getting run status other than from the .e and .o files


Is there a way to get the run status and its stderr and stdout other than from the text files pbs_script.e### and pbs_script.o###?
I need a way to allow an external program to get the job status and its outcome without reading or following the text files and qstat.


I am not sure whether this can be achieved. If you have come across any such work load managers doing this , could you please reference them here. In order to know the status of the jobs you need use the api’s or track stdout/err. Other than this, if you can use the libraries (PBS IFL) in your code and try to interface with the server programmatically, then there is a possibility.

Could you please state the reason why you would like to avoid reading .e / .o or using qstat ?

Other members of the forum might have some suggestions

Thank you