How can I migrate old database including the jobs id?

As I am using a docker container to run PBS as a head node, after I rerun the container the jobs-id starts from 0, this is an issue because I am using these ids in another project, hence I need them to be there after each run.

The solution is either to make a backup of the database and migrate it after each new start of the container.
OR if I can connect the PBS to an external database that would be helpful, but I don’t know how to connect to another server that host Postgresql.

My suggestion is to put PBS_HOME (/var/spool/pbs) on persistent storage. That way it’ll live to the next instantiation of the container. You probably want to do this anyway because that way you won’t have to reconfig your PBS complex every time you bring up a container.



So just replacing the folder /var/spool/pbs with /var/spool/pbs_old will do the trick?

Well making a backup of PBS_HOME before you shut down your container and replacing it will work, but you’ll have to save that backup somewhere on persistent storage. Why not just put PBS_HOME on the same persistent storage, and not bother with the backup?