How to make a (maintenance) reservation global?

This isn’t obvious or easy to answer. The pbs_rsub command man page has lots of information, but nothing on which user can even do this - apparently root isn’t sufficient to place a global reservation?

Ok. So I’ve discovered something called dedicated_time that almost makes sense. So I need a “shrink to fit” as well?

If any of the dev team read these - and I don’t mean this to be rude - but the top 35 lines of dedicated_time are a copy right notice that I will never need instead of a short summary on how this file might be used. It would be nicer if the notice was removed and the basics of dedicated time usage put in instead.

What is a dedicated queue?

A queue name with the “ded” prefix and is only active in the time range mentioned in the $PBS_HOME/sched_priv/dedicated_time . This is usually used when you have a pre-scheduled system maintenance in place, in that time period, some users need to get there work done (hopefully if the resources are available)

*walltime request on the jobs is mandatory, otherwise, default walltime is 5 years.

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