UID and maintenance reservation

Hi all,

a question about maintenance reservation. The pbs_rsub man page tell that you type something like (as root on the PBS primary)

pbs_rsub -R <start> -E <end> --hosts host1 host2

however when I try this I get

Bad effective UID for reservation

note that I can create reservations as a user (albeit I am still unsure about confirming them); adding -u
or -U options does not help. I have set server flatuid = True.

What I am doing wrong?

Addendum: i become root with either sudo -i or sudo -s I cannot do su; btw doing sudo pbs_rsub ... yields the same result.

If you would like to set a maintenance reservation as root user.
qmgr -c "set server acl_roots=root"
Caution: root can run jobs on the cluster now .

Hi Adarsh,

thank you for your reply. I tried with root because running

pbs_rsub -R x -E x+y --hosts host1 host2 

run as a user yielded

pbs_rsub: Unauthorized Request

on the other hand, executing the command as root bu tyring to assign the reservation to another user with -u, -U (or both) still gave Bad effective UID. So I am a bit confused regarding who would the best user to create manteinance reservations and how.

Thank you

Hi @tuthmose, you need to be an operator to set maintenance reservations. You can set operators via qmgr.

Hi, vchlum

thank you, good to know.