How to set admin for pbspro

Hello, currently I want to set one normal user as one administrator of pbspro, or authorize normal user for some operations.

Is there one way? Thanks.

There are 3 roles in PBS Pro - Manager , Operator and Standard User

root user is the default administrator and has no restrictions.

To set user as a managers:
qmgr –c “set server managers += user_name@host.sub.domain”
qmgr –c “set server managers += user_name@*”

To set user as operators: (not allowed to set acls but can do the rest)
qmgr –c “set server operators+= user_name@host.sub.domain”
qmgr –c “set server operators+= user_name@*”

Please check this section of the PBS Pro Administrator guide: Operator ---- AG-358 PBS Professional 18.2.3 Administrator’s Guide

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Great. Thank you for your clarification.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: